Rosemary Sutcliff Discovery of the Day: Eagle of the Ninth by ローズマリ・サトクリフ on front page of Japanese Amazon website

The world-famous Rosemary Sutcliff  historical novel The Eagle of the Ninth (being made into a film with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell by director Kevin Macdonald and producer Duncan Kenworthy) in Japan is   第九軍団のワシ by ローズマリ サトクリフ (著), C.ウォルター ホッジス (イラスト), Rosemary Sutcliff (原著), 猪熊 葉子 (翻訳). Curiously today today the front of the Amazon website in Japan shows two US editions … and not the Japanese one.    

Is this co-incidence, or just evidence of how websites gather information. Thus,  without one’s being aware, and they target the front page for the visiting individual, hence the English language versions for me? Searching in Japanese for Sutcliff books reveals four pages of books.

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