Russian Reviews for film The Eagle Орел Девятого легиона

On Thursday, a day before it opened in the US, The Eagle was released in Russia. (In the last three days there have been more referrals from the Russian language version of Wikipedia than the American/English one). Does anyone who reads this read Russian or know Russian friends who may have seen the film?  Using Google to translate has its limitations, and takes much toing and froing, but for example one review ended:

Однако Кевин МакДональд, прежде не работавший в таком сложном жанре, может быть доволен своей работой.

which Google translates as

However, Kevin McDonald, had never worked in such a difficult genre, can be satisfied with his work.

I am as intrigued to know the film is being received and written about there as in the US. And they (like the French and German) keep the title of the book as the title of the film! I do wish the Americans had done, then it would be properly entitled here!

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