Rosemary Sutcliff fan posts coronation stone photo from The Mark of the Horse Lord on Facebook

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Royce Watson posted at the Rosemary Sutcliff page on Facebook a picture he took a few years ago when he was on holiday in Scotland. He wrote:”It’s the footprint on the coronation stone at Dunadd Fort, as mentioned in the book  (The Eagle of the Ninth). Enjoyed the book, big fan.” Eagle eyed Anne, who is, to my shame, much sharper-eyed and more knowledgeable than I on most matters Rosemary, corrects us both, that it’s in The Mark of the Horse Lord  in a Dal Riada coronation ceremony.

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  1. Er – sorry to be picky but as per picture, it’s in “The Mark of the Horse Lord” (my favourite ever RS novel) where the Dunadd footprint features in a Dal Riada coronation ceremony :) Very cool to see a photo of it.


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