The Lantern Bearers | Rosemary Sutcliff novel | Maxfield Parris frontispiece

I discovered from a search for <The Lantern Bearers> (the title of one of Rosemary Sutcliff‘s bestselling and award-winning historical novels) that there was an American painter of distinction, Maxfield Parrish, who made a work called The Lantern Bearers.  It was created originally, in 1908, as a frontispiece for the December 10, 1910 issue of Collier’s magazine.

The Lantern Bearers (1908) by Maxfield Parrish

A press release from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art quoted its director Don Bacigalupi in July 2010:  “The detailed representational style juxtaposed with a flat, almost medieval sky create spatial ambiguities that are most interesting. This work has a stage-set, dream-world quality that is compelling.” Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “The Lantern Bearers | Rosemary Sutcliff novel | Maxfield Parris frontispiece

  1. Brings back memories – Maxfield Parrish’s artwork had a renaissance during the flower-power era – I remember in the 1960s and ’70s nearly everyone I knew had an MP poster somewhere in their home! His style is still appealing – very romantic Art Deco yet often rather classical in appearance – think Alma-Tadema refined and pared down.


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