12 orphan-heroes and heroines in Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical novels

Many of historical novelist and children’s writer Rosemary Sutcliff’s books (of children’s literature) feature orphans—a thought prompted by Katherine Rundell’s choice of ’10 of the best orphans’ in children’s books, which did not include any of Rosemary Sutcliff’s characters. Indeed Anne, a regular reader and commenter here, wonders if the issue might not be which of Sutcliff’s heroes are not orphans; she recalls that the hero as orphan who makes their way in the world is  both a traditional fairy tale and a mythic trope. Thirteen orphans in Rosemary Sutcliff’s writing are:

Artos in Sword at Sunset (first published in 1963)
Beric in Outcast (1955)
Frytha and Bjorn in The Shield Ring (1956)
Hugh Herriot in Bonnie Dundee (1983)
Hugh Copplestone in Brother Dusty-Feet (1952)
Jestyn in Blood Feud (1976)
Lovell in The Witch’s Brat (1970)
Owain in Dawn Wind (1961)
Randall, the dog-boy, in Knight’s Fee (1960)
Red Phaedrus in The Mark of the Horse Lord (1965)
Tamsyn in The Armourer’s House (1951)

Artos (King  Arthur) is  the bastard son of a long-dead Uther, raised by his uncle. Read More »

List of 36 Rosemary Sutcliff titles in-print in the UK | Which online bookseller(s) should www.rosemarysutcliff.com link to?

(amended 27/2/14)


Here is list of all the 36 Rosemary Sutcliff titles that I think are available new in printed editions in or from the UK. (The original year of publication in the UK is in brackets). These involve 36 different ‘stories’: The Arthurian Trilogy combines three separate titles that are also available separately; and Eagle’s Honour combines two stories which were originally published separately, but are now not separately available.

Is it accurate? Do tell me what should or should not be there, in your view, with evidence! Please also share with others you think know or might be interested – especially those booksellers out there!

Also, I have a question: if I decide to link books mentioned on this list with an appropriate online bookseller, what should I use? I am not minded to help UK-tax-avoiding Amazon, although I do use it myself at times ….

  1. BEOWULF: DRAGON SLAYER (1961), Random House
  2. BLACK SHIPS BEFORE TROY (1993), Frances Lincoln
  3. BLOOD FEUD (1976), Random House (Print on Demand – PoD)
  4. BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS (1983), Slightly Foxed
  5. BONNIE DUNDEE (1983), Random House (PoD)
  6. BROTHER DUSTY-FEET (1952), Random House
  7. CAPRICORN BRACELET (1973), Random House
  8. DAWN WIND (1961), OUP
  9. EAGLE’S HONOUR (1995) (Contains A Circlet of Oak Leaves, and Eagle’s Egg), Random House
  10. FLAME-COLOURED TAFFETA (1986), Random House
  11. FRONTIER WOLF (1980), Random House  (PoD)
  12. KNIGHT’S FEE (1960), Random House
  13. OUTCAST (1955), OUP
  14. SIMON (1953), Random House  (PoD)
  15. SONG FOR A DARK QUEEN (1978), Random House  (PoD)
  16. SUN HORSE, MOON HORSE (1977), Random House
  17. SWORD AT SUNSET (1963), Atlantic Books
  18. SWORD SONG (1997), Random House
  19. THE ARMOURER’S HOUSE (1951), Random House
  20. THE ARTHUR TRILOGY (Binding together 25, 28, 31), Random House
  21. THE CHRONICLES OF ROBIN HOOD (1950), Random House (PoD)
  23. THE HIGH DEEDS OF FINN MACCOOL (1967), Random House
  24. THE HOUND OF ULSTER (1963), Random House
  26. THE LIGHT BEYOND THE FOREST (1979), Random House
  27. THE MARK OF THE HORSE LORD (1965), Random House
  28. THE MINSTREL AND THE DRAGON PUP (1993), Walker Books
  29. THE ROAD TO CAMLAAN (1981, Random House
  30. THE SHINING COMPANY (1990), Random House
  32. THE SWORD AND THE CIRCLE (1979) , Random House
  33. THE WANDERINGS OF ODYSSEUS (1995), Frances Lincoln
  34. THE WITCH’S BRAT (1970), Random House  (PoD)
  35. TRISTAN AND ISEULT (1971), Random House  (PoD)
  36. WARRIOR SCARLET (1957), Random House  (PoD)