Rosemary Sutcliffe: books, films, reviews (should be Rosemary Sutcliff)

Rosemary Sutcliffe is the wrong spelling of Rosemary Sutcliff all too frequently used, even by newspapers and publishers and booksellers who should know better. For more on the life, work, books, films of Rosemary Sutcliffe – properly spelled -:

As the website says

Rosemary Sutcliff (the correct spelling of Rosemary Sutcliffe), British author, wrote over fifty children’s books, novels and stories. This blog covers not only books, but related TV, radio and film (movie)  of those books; and  covers her historical fiction including The Eagle of the Ninth(book and film), The Lantern Bearers, Sword at Sunset, and Song for a Dark Queen; retelling of myth and legend such as BeowulfBlack Ships Before Troy, and The Hound of Ulster; fairy-tales like The Roundabout Horse and The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup; and her autobiography Blue Remembered Hills. Internationally acclaimed, and widely-read, she won many book awards, includingThe Carnegie Medal.  It includes summary, story, bibliographyreview, fact, news, opinion and personal recollection, and I welcome comment on posts or new material via the You! tab at the top!

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