A Crown of Wild Olive by Rosemary Sutcliff is a children’s book about two athletes who discover the meaning of friendship competing in the Olympics

A Crown of Wild Olive was the new title given to the Rosemary Sutcliff story The Truce of the Games (1971) when it was re-published ,in 1972 in the USA, in an omnibus collection of stories Heather, Oak and Olive. That collection also included two other stories: The Chief”s Daughter and  A Circlet of Oak Leaves.

Omnibus book of Rosemary Sutcliff

Rosemary Sutcliff was a miniaturist painter and reviewer wrote: “The Chief’s Daughter is a miniature in prose” | The Times, 1967

The Chief's Daughter by Rosemary Sutcliff cover

Rosemary Sutcliff  was a miniaturist before she became an author and The Chief’s Daughter is a miniature in prose, a very short story in which the lines are  neat, bold and clear, the characters lightly brushed in but arresting. Set in ancient Wales it tells how a chieftain’s daughter frees an Irish slave boy destined for sacrifice and how he in his turn unwittingly in his turn saves her  from dying in his place. The story was originally in a volume of tribute by many children’s authors to the memory of Eleanor Farjeon;  now, as a fully illustrated book in a series designed
for seven year olds, The Chief’s Daughter will
deservedly reach a far larger number of young readers.

Source: The fantastic living force of landscape by Elaine Moss; The Times, December 2, 1967, p 23.

Rosemary Sutcliff retelling of The Hound of Ulster and story The Chief’s Daughter | Welsh Versions

Two Rosemary Sutcliff titles are available in Welsh. Since I am temporarily working up here in Bangor in North Wales, heart of Welsh-speaking Wales, it seems right – indeed essential – to recall an older post and note that  Cwchwlin Penarwr Iwerddon (The Hound of Ulster), and Merch y Pennaeth (The Chief’s Daughter). Author G R Grove, who wrote StorytellerFlight of the Hawk, and The Ash Spear reminded me of these editions.

Welsh Versions of The Hound of Ulster and The Chief’s Daughter

Author G R Grove, who has written StorytellerFlight of the Hawk, and The Ash Spear, has alerted me to two welsh editions of Rosemary’s books. Cwchwlin Penarwr Iwerddon is The Hound of Ulster. Merch y Pennaeth is The Chief’s Daughter.