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This page is to help me gather material about Rosemary Sutcliff, historical novelist, writer of children’s books and  fiction for young adults; and for you to take part, should you wish!

Posts made because of contact from this page or by email include:

You might use this page to send me copies of reviews, or links to your own or other people’s material that you think might interest me and the increasing number of visitors to this blog. What have you read of Rosemary’s or about her or her work? What did you enjoy? Why? Would you recommend it to others? Have you recommended it? Who to ? Was your career (if you have one) or life influenced by Rosemary Sutcliff or her books at all? Anything else you want to suggest I put here about her? Do you have advice on improving this site and especially on fostering a network of the many people interested in Rosemary or touched by her in her lifetime or since? Anybody in particular to connect with for some reason? I look forward to hearing from some of you

Thank you! Anthony Lawton

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  1. I was browsing through a box of old picture frames that I bought and a small one lurked at the back and drew my attention with its bright colour . On pulling it forward it was of a Roman Legionnaire and signed R Sutcliffe 1949 , how lucky do I feel to have stumbled across this piece and how long had it stayed hidden , questions I’ll keep asking .


  2. I knew Rosemary personally in the last twenty-five years of her life, paying an almost annual visit to Swallowshaw from Canada. One of the greatest experiences of my life! I think it is high time — long overdue — for a full length biography of Rosemary to be done. To my knowledge, the only book length work on her is Margaret Meek’s from sixty years ago. Perhaps someone such as Dame Hermione Lee could do it?

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  3. I just stumbled across this page in looking for further information about Rosemary Sutcliff. I’m almost 75 and have lately been rereading most of her books. Tthey always move me deeply

    I have always been drawn to Dark Age Britain. When I was a child, I read everything I could find about Arthur, and for years thought I was drawn to that period because of Arthur. As I’ve aged, it’s become clear to me that I was drawn to Arthur because that period has always felt like home to me. I’ve never been to England, never seen any of it except in photos, but the older I get, the more like home it feels, whether it’s the period of Celts/ Britains, Saxons, or Vikings. I think I lived many lives there and then.

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    • What a wonderful message! At 72 I’m always going back to Rosemary’s wonderful books! I had the good fortune to know here personally and she was every bit as amazing as her books. As a long time Arthurian scholar with many books on the subject I AMA still very proud of a comment she made on my Song of Taliesin. I’m currently transcribing a very long interview I did with her in the 80s. Long lost and only on tape, once it’s done I will post it here.

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  4. I suppose everyone interested in Roman Britain noticed the excavation near Pegwell Bay where they found the camp of Caesar. If you zoom in with Google Maps you can see the excavations!
    So within 2 miles now there are 3 important signs of Britais early history:

    Camp of Ceasar
    St Augustine’s Cross (Dawn Wind)
    The Viking Ship Hugin.
    A gift from Denmark in 1949 because of the landing of Hengist and Horsa, 1500 years ago. Of course Hengist and Horsa were no Vikings, but nobody knows what Saxon ships look like.

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  5. Is there an unabridged version of “The Eagle of the Ninth” audiobook? I have listened to the other two UNABRIDGED books of the series but it seems the Eagle is only abridged :-(


    • I am interested in obtaining unabridged versions of the Rosemary Sutcliffe books. I have found Eagle of the Ninth abridged but not the other titles in the series, abridged or unabridged. Please can you tell me from where I can access the unabridged audiobooks?
      Thank you


  6. Hi. I’m interested in reading the collected papers of Rosemary Sutcliff. From what I can tell, a collection was donated to the University of Southern Mississippi; it consists of roughly 80 pages — a screenplay, and a composition notebook of research notes. Other libraries seem to have copies of this collection but will not lend them out. Is there any possibility that this collection could be made available for reading online? Thank you.

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  7. Hello
    Thank you very much for your Website which is very interesting ! I have just discovered Rosemay Sutcliff works (as an adult) and i love them very much. I enjoy especially her writing style, which is very complex and precise, and not so easy to understand for a frenchy like me ! I am trying to write her biography in Wikipedia, and I cannot find any – free – photo from Rosemary Sutcliff to add I find it a pity. Perhaps could you help me ? Thank you very much. Sabine


  8. Dear Anthony,
    In many books of Rosemary Sutcliff she writes about the little dark people. I wonder to what kind of people does she refer? Are there historical or literary sources about this people?


    • The little dark people was a name applied to the Picts and other early peoples of these islands. It was actually invented by an early 20th century scholar and is no longer recognised as accurate. It’s an interesting idea however.

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  9. Could anyone please tell me which of Rosemary’s novels is set in or near Arundel Castle? I recently saw the castle from a distance, enroute from Chichester to Gatwick Airport. I think the book is Knight’s Fee?


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