Anthony Higgins in Rosemary Sutcliff’s The Eagle of the Ninth on BBC TV in 1977

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This TV series of the Rosemary Sutcliff novel The Eagle of the Ninth is not available anywhere I have found; this is some  seconds at BBC Togas on TV.  This video was made for . There was a post about the series a few years back on the excellent (but now silent)


  1. Illustrations in my newly acquired copy of the book (paperback version) are very dark, not as clear cut as your photographed examples shown here. I’m disappointed at this.


  2. I so wish the BBC would release this series on DVD. It was much more faithful to the novel than “The Eagle”


  3. So cool! Even though it’s almost unfairly tantalizing to see so little of it, what I saw there looked very good. They kept Sutcliff’s dialogue and seemed to deliver it faithfully. Also, I’m pleased that Marcus looks mostly like she described him in the book.


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