Rosemary Sutcliff’s children’s and young adult historical novel The Eagle of the Ninth on BBC TV in 1977

I remember the excitement with Rosemary  Sutcliff when the BBC TV made a series of her historical novel for children and young adults The Eagle of the Ninth. She adored the portrayal of Marcus, the hero. I probably have old old video tapes of hers in the attic. I have no idea if the BBC still has copies in its archives and vaults . Does anyone know? It was broadcast in six episodes.

  1. Frontier Fort (4 September 1977)
  2. Esca (11 September 1977)
  3. Across the Frontier (18 September 1977)
  4. The Lost Legion (25 September 1977)
  5. The Wild Hunt (2 October 1977)
  6. Valedictory (9 October 1977)

source: IMDb

8 thoughts on “Rosemary Sutcliff’s children’s and young adult historical novel The Eagle of the Ninth on BBC TV in 1977

  1. Elsewhere she has written that she was “partly in love with Marcus”

    … would you feel able to scan the letters and let me have copies? I would be very grateful (and the same to anyone reading this who has such a letter) … I would not of course sue them on the blog, but I am very slowly trying to assemble copies of some letters she wrote – ready one day for a biography. She used to write back to every single person who wrote to her. I receive many letters from her, but of course as a relative and boy did not bother to keep them!

    (My email address is on the You! page.)


  2. Thanks! I think you have said that she watched and liked the production? I have a couple of letters from her, in response to fan letters from me as a teenager, and in one she says ‘I love writing my books and come to feel that the characters (Marcus in “The Eagle” in particular) are personal friends’ …


  3. One day I will hunt through the boxes I inherited … Actually, thinking about it, I am not sure that in 1977 Rosemary (I knew her well as a family relation) had a video recorder


  4. If anyone does have the videotapes of this 1977 series I’d love to buy or borrow them please! I did try the BBC and they said at the time (a few years ago) they were not planning to make them available to the public.


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