Rosemary Sutcliff children’s book Warrior Scarlet loved by Australian writer C C Humphreys

Rosemary Sutcliff, writer of children’s fiction, is named by C.C. Humphreys, author of Vlad: The Last Confession, and several historical novels, as his favourite author. Writing for the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia about his favourite books, he listed the classic historical novel Warrior Scarlet and said:

“I could have selected almost any of her novels. She’s who I grew up with and she’s still the best. Confined to a wheelchair she wrote tales of boys and men, often crippled, overcoming the odds to triumph. In this Bronze Age novel, a boy with a withered arm still strives to kill his wolf, to gain the scarlet robe of the warrior. I re-read it recently and, fortunately alone, wept five times at the climax. She describes old worlds faultlessly, in terms only her characters would use or understand. The benchmark for adult or young adult fiction.”

Source: C C Humphreys’s website 

2 thoughts on “Rosemary Sutcliff children’s book Warrior Scarlet loved by Australian writer C C Humphreys

  1. I have adjusted the original title (for anyone reading now , it once read Australian CC Hunphreys)! And no guilt please….but I would be delighted of course when you do have a moment


  2. Hallo! C.C. here! Just saw this and it made me feel guilty for not writing as you requested before. Will try to add something soon. But I do need to point out that I am not Australian! I was born in Canada but raised in London. I live in Vancouver now.


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