The Eagle of the Ninth film is hardest thing lead Channing Tatum has ever done

The Eagle of the Ninth new film stars Channing Tatum, as Marcus, the hero. The film is based on the classic book of children’s literature by Rosemary Sutcliff. Channing Tatum  said in one interview, when asked about the film and the filming in the Highlands of Scotland:

“I’ve loved Kevin Macdonald’s movies for a while now, it was an amazing experience because he wanted to do something really different, he wanted to make all the Romans American, venturing off from Romans being this English-speaking very villainous type thing.

It was by far the hardest things I’ve ever done, to wake up every single day and know your gonna be freezing cold and wet, 10 times a day, every single day and you know there’s no getting away from it for about 4 months, it was exhausting but very gratifying, it’s gonna be some of the most beautiful scenery you’re ever gonna see. I think I had minor hyperthermia, Jamie Bell almost collapsed. It’s a little more commercial that what he’s made before, it should be great.”
(From flicks and bits)

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