In The Eagle of the Ninth film Douglas Henshall had ‘best time’ with Channing Tatum

Rosemary Sutcliff book The Eagle of the Ninth is becoming a film (movie), produced by Notting Hill producer Duncan Kenworthy. Dougas Henshall plays a chieftain of a British tribe, chariot racing with Channing Tatum as hero Marcus.

“He was lovely, a really nice guy and so down to earth with no ego at all. No hissy fits, no tantrums, he just got on with his work … I have a small part, the first fifteen minutes, if that. I haven’t seen it  … so I might not even last that long! The chief bit of my part is a chariot race through the forest with Channing Tatum and I just had the best time. The chariots were amazing, for the real hairy stuff they had stuntmen, but I got to do most of it myself. I had such a ball.”

Also starring in The Eagle of the Ninth is Mark Strong, who Douglas Henshall has worked with on several projects over the years. (Much more detail on Douglas Henshall from the full source interview at Reel Scotland, below).

Source: Interview: Douglas Henshall — ReelScotland.

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