Rosemary Sutcliff spelt wrong again | Rachel Cooke in The Observer

Rosemary Sutcliff, more and more in the news because of the coming film of her bestseller The Eagle of the Ninth, would regret that an august newspaper like The Observer spells her name wrong, as sadly others have done recently, including The Times, The Daily Mail, The Morning Star, Bedfordshire Libraries and several twitterers! It is NOT Rosemary Sutclffe (wrong with an ‘E’). I regret that despite my pointing their error out to The Observer immediately I saw it last Sunday they have made no correction. This detracts from an article – well worth reading – that correctly calls itself “a jaunty account” which”does justice” to the life of “Puffin editor Kaye Webb” who “opened the world of books to a generation of children”. Sadly the article does Rosemary less justice – she was published by Puffin before her main publisher OUP took to publishing Rosemary Sutcliff’s books in paperback themselves, hence the mention.

I nag away at this because material from major newspapers is promulgated and re-read around the internet. I am sure the writer does not like being signed off as Rachel Cook (sic) … and I am pleased the Observer does know that it was not Kay (sic) Webb who was editor of Puffin,but Kaye Webb, and that the book being reviewed was not by Valeri Grov , but Valerie Grove …

Source: So Much to Tell by Valerie Grove | The Observer. (The spelling has been corrected)

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