Rosemary Sutcliff book illustrator Charles Keeping | Died May 20 1988 | Sutcliff Discovery of the Day

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Charles Keeping illustrated many Rosemary Sutcliff children’s books. He won many book awards  including, twice, the Francis Williams Prize and the Library Association’s Kate Greenaway Medal. Mabel George, children’s books’ editor at Oxford University Press, Rosemary Sutcliff’s publisher, commissioned his drawings for a sequence of the novels by Rosemary Sutcliff, beginning with The Silver Branch in 1957.  Rosemary may have enjoyed collaborating with him, not just because of the vigour of his pictures, but because, like her much loved father, he had served in the Royal Navy in Second World War.

Source: The Times, May 20 1988, Charles Keeping; Obituary


    1. Thank you for alerting me and other people who use or visit this blog. It is indeed a detailed article. I love Keeping’s illusrations and regret that they are not always used in modern paperback versions!


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