Rosemary Sutcliff’s distant relatives and chihuahuas

If anyone has noticed a slightly different blogging style, that’s because the editor of this Rosemary Sutcliff site has changed.
For a few weeks the blog is being looked after by myself, Dom Lawton, Anthony’s son. Rosemary Suctcliff was my Dad’s godmother and second cousin. I’m not quite sure what that makes me.. second cousin once removed? Maybe. Despite the distant family title, Rosemary was very close to my father and his family. Some of my earliest memories are of Rosemary’s house in Sussex. Behind the doors of her calm and beautiful english abode were two terrifying Chihuahuas, Sebastian and Sophie. Actually, Sophie was very sweet, but she wasn’t as confident as Sebastian and was led astray by his forceful personality (excuse the pun). I can remember Sebastian and Sophie growling ferociously in a miniscule manner at one end of the hall and my mum, sister and me (bear in mind I was only six!) at the other end, unable to move with fear of being attacked. When Rosemary died, we looked after Sophie (the sweet, unconfident one) and for years I would carry her around on my arm, pretending I was a James Bond villain.

Sophie looked a bit like this

I remember Rosemary sitting at her writing desk with pen in hand, telling me all about the Roman Empire. She was absolutely passionate about history and stories. She had a sense of magic about her, like she was the keeper of an amazing world of imagination, which she could channel through her words.
I also remember her showing me the collection of detailed miniatures she had made and painted. She was a gifted artist as well as writer. We still have her miniature nativity scene, which we place in our front hall at christmas. It’s beautiful.

All in all she was an incredible person and will be remembered for a very long time I’m sure. It is a pleasure and an honour to be the editor and collector for this blog for a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Rosemary Sutcliff’s distant relatives and chihuahuas

  1. Readers can see this blog is in excellent hands … !! (Experts will see we have not worked out how to mark Dominic’s posts as editor from him, and mine from me!! This is father, Anthony, thinking that maybe a few of the writing genes found their way past me and to Dominic …


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