Inspiration For The Eagle of The Ninth

The Silchester Eagle

“With excitement about “The Eagle” movie building up, I thought maybe other readers might like to check out this information sheet (with photo) from the Reading Museum on the Silchester Eagle, the discovery of which was the inspiration for Rosemary Sutcliff’s novel ‘Eagle of the Ninth’.”

Posted by ‘Anne’.


One thought on “Inspiration For The Eagle of The Ninth

  1. This file was originally published on the excellent Roman History Books and More> blog, where “Eagle of the Ninth” was the book under discussion in January this year.

    The poster was Robert who runs the Matters Arising blog. At the same time he posted a great collection of photos he took of the Calleva Atrebatum remains located near Silchester, which might also be of interest.

    Calleva Atrebatum photos


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