Rosemary Sutcliff’s imagination soared like an eagle | Movie The Eagle finally takes flight in second half

Writing about The Eagle film of Rosemary Sutcliff‘s historical novel The Eagle of the Ninth movie editor Barbara Vancher of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interestingly picks up on the remarkable imagination of a severely disabled author. She comments that, shot in Hungary and Scotland:

The Eagle takes flight near the end when the young men have a chance to test their skills as strategists, survivalists, leaders and friends.

With ritualistic tribal dances in what is now the Scottish Highlands and breathless chases and battles, it’s all the more remarkable considering that Ms. Sutcliff contracted a wasting disease at age two and spent most of her life in a wheelchair. But her imagination soared like an eagle.
Source: Uneven ‘Eagle’ finally takes flight in second half.

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