So what happened to Legio VIIII Hispana | The Ninth Legion of The Eagle of the Ninth fame

The last recorded, datable activity of this (9th) legion in Britain was in 108/109, when it built a stone fortress at York. What happened next, is unclear. Several scholars have argued that it was defeated and annihilated by the Picts, maybe in 117/118, and that this caused the emperor Hadrian to build the famous wall in northern England. (This is the assumption of the famous novel by Rosemary Sutcliff, The Eagle of the Ninth, 1954.) 

However, more recent research has shown that (a subunit of) the ninth legion was for a brief period after 121 at Nijmegen in Germania Inferior. (At the same time, VI Victrix moved from Germania Inferior to Britain. Did they trade places?) The fact that we know the names of several high officers of the Ninth who can not have served earlier than 122 (e.g., Lucius Aemilius Karus, governor of Arabia in 142/143) is another indication that the legion was not destroyed but transferred. This proves that it was still in existence during the reign of Hadrian.

After this, the legion disappears from our sources. It may have been destroyed during the Jewish revolt of Simon ben Kosiba (132-136), in Cappadocia in 161, or during a revolt on the Danube in 162. There is an inscription from the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180) that sums up all legions, and VIIII Hispana is missing; this means that it was destroyed before or during his reign.
Source: Legio VIIII Hispana.

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