The Eagle is most enjoyable | Film review | The Observer newspaper’s Philip French

I always enjoy Philip French’s film reviews in  The Observer, making new links for me which are rooted in his deep knowledge of the cinema. So I particularly enjoyed today’s review of The Eagle which he finds “a most enjoyable film” (apart from a concluding moment whose “facile note” is but a “minor flaw”). He judges The Eagle to be an “accomplished film” … with “an exceptionally fine battle scene” at the outset …  a “well-considered script” … for a film which is “superbly lit” .

… (the film) admirably embraces certain unfashionable virtues of what might be considered a Roman brand – duty, honour, filial piety …

The Eagle inevitably invites comparison with two recent movies that touch on the same subject of lost Romans in the gloaming on the barbarous banks of Clyde: the disastrous The Lost Legion and the passable Centurion. In every respect – the language, the characterisation, the staging of the action sequences and the historical resonance – The Eagle is superior.

2 thoughts on “The Eagle is most enjoyable | Film review | The Observer newspaper’s Philip French

  1. I enjoyed it very much! I’m just sorry that some scenes (notably the storyline with Cradoc) seem to have been cut, and hope they’ll reappear on the DVD!


  2. That’s interesting, Anthony, and excellent news. As an Observer reader of many years, I also rate Philip French’s opinions highly. Roll on Wednesday, when I go to see the film!


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