Children ‘should read 50 books a year’, including Rosemary Sutcliff says Michael Gove

I have just caught up with the Education Secretary’s proposition that all pupils should read 50 books a year. I am  not sure what I think about the overall proposition. I fear I do not fully read 50 books a year … But at least Michael Gove does include Rosemary Sutcliff on his list of authors to be studied by pupils of all ages ! In addition to Rosemary, he also spoke of :  JK Rowling, CS Lewis, Philip Pullman, Kenneth Grahame,  Alan Garner and Ursula Le Guin. Any views both about the proposition, and about the 50?

At the Rosemary Sutcliff Facebook page Harriet Connides is refreshingly direct and very clear what she thinks of Mr Gove and his suggestion …

Guardian Cartoon on Michael Gove's 50 book proposition

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