Children’s writer Rosemary Sutcliff said writing for adults only a small gear-change

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Prompted by The Guardian who recently did an item where ” authors reveal the secrets of their craft … (in) …  interviews with some of our most celebrated writers recorded for the British Library, I am reminded , again, that Rosemary often said that she wrote for children aged 8 to 88, and that she once spoke  in an interview about the difference between writing for children and for adults:

The themes of my children’s books are mostly quite adult, and in fact the difference between writing for children and for adults is, to me at any rate, only a quite small gear change.

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  1. Hi John
    Sorry to trouble you so very happy that you have a copy of Eagle of the Ninth. Would love to see the series again I remember watching this show as a child and keep hoping that somebody will release it on dvd.I can see from the notice board that a lot of people have asked you the same question is there any chance you could send me a copy I am happy to pay for the costs involved my email is the BFI in London holds the original tapes so the BBC should hold digital copies. Don’t know if there any technical glitches which make it unsuitable for commercial release though.
    Many thanks


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