Roman Film Night on Rosemary Sutcliff in Folkestone

I discover that as part of an archaeology project in Folkestone (UK) there will be in that town on 31st July, 2011,  at the Quarterhouse Theatre  a showing of ‘The Eagle’  … and talk – ‘The House on the Cliffs: Folkestone in the Roman novels of Rosemary Sutcliff author of The Eagle of the Ninth‘. There is a pre show discussion – 5pm, film 6pm.

Source: Roman Film Night – A Town Unearthed.

2 thoughts on “Roman Film Night on Rosemary Sutcliff in Folkestone

  1. @Anthony: thanks for the post. Shame I don’t live nearer to Folkestone, as I’d definitely go to that.

    @Lesley: I agree with Lindsay, the scenery was wonderful. So too was the cinematography. Just a shame about the “Seal People”.


  2. You might also be interested to know that The Eagle is mentioned in British Archaeology magazine this month. The article is entitled Great Archaeology Movies (Indiana Jones is there, of course) and the writer of the Eagle segment is Lindsay Allason-Jones, who was the historical advisor to the film. He says: “Several incorrect details still got into the film, but the final product was a great deal more accurate than it might have been,” and he ends with “it does evoke Roman Britain well – and the scenery is wonderful.”


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