Rosemary Sutcliff book’s movie The Eagle of The Ninth DVD Release in US yesterday

The DVD of The Eagle film of Rosemary Sutcliff’s bestselling historical novel The Eagle of the Ninth was released yesterday  (21 June) in the USA. It comes out in the UK on July 25th. Anyone know release dates in other ‘territories’ as they are called?

The Eagle US DVD

Here in the UK well known film-reviewers on Radio 5 Live, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, pronounced of the film:

“Verily, tis a hit!”

9 thoughts on “Rosemary Sutcliff book’s movie The Eagle of The Ninth DVD Release in US yesterday

  1. Just watched the movie , enjoyed it. BUT…was ticked I had to sit through blueray addys & bonus features wouldn’t play “the making of the movie” as DVD said it would/had.


  2. I’m another kiwi waiting with great excitement for the film to be released in NZ. I love the book and have recently read parts of it to a year 8 class. I was able to show them the trailer and they are very excited about it too. Bring it on! :)


  3. Release Dates for the DVD, which is already out in Singapore, USA and Canada (all provisional as always):

    Germany: 4th August 2011
    Spain: 14th September 2011
    UK: 25th July 2011
    Finland: July 2011
    Greece: 18th July 2011
    Iceland: Q2, 2011
    Portugal: 29th September 2011
    Russia: 14th April 2011
    Sweden: 27th July 2011
    Brazil: 25th April 2012
    Mexico: 9th December 2011
    Thailand: 12th July 2011
    Australia: 3rd November 2011
    New Zealand: 3rd November 2011
    South Africa: 5th August 2011


  4. Here in Illinois, I have just watched this wonderful film.Absolutely great work by everyone involved. If one were to own just 1 ‘Roman legion’ film, this should be that one.Authentic to a fault. There is a release with alternate endings and an unrated version.I honestly cannot praise this film enough.
    John Ellis


    • I have found out that the film comes out in Australia on July 21st. I am still trying to see if that means NZ then or thereabouts as well. I have posted the coming release dates for both film and the DVD.


  5. Here in New Zealand we’re still waiting for the actual film to hit the movie theatres and I haven’t been able to track down a release date as yet :( Maybe we’ll get the DVD first!


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