Rosemary Sutcliff The Eagle of the Ninth DVD release dates for 2011

These release dates for the DVD of The Eagle film by Kevin MacDonald, based on the  historical novel for children and young adults The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff, are provisional. The DVD is already out in Canada, Singapore and the USA. John Ellis in Illinois has just commented elsewhere on this blog: “Here in Illinois, I have just watched this wonderful film. Absolutely great work by everyone involved. If one were to own just one Roman legion film, this should be that one. Authentic to a fault. There is a release with alternate endings and an unrated version. I honestly cannot praise this film enough.”

Australia:  3rd November 2011
Brazil:  25th April 2012
Finland:  July 2011
Germany:  4th August 2011
Greece:  18th July 2011
Iceland:  Q2, 2011
Mexico:  9th December 2011
New Zealand:  3rd November 2011
Portugal:  29th September 2011
Russia:  14th April 2011
South Africa:  5th August 2011
Spain:  14th September 2011
Sweden:  27th July 2011
Thailand:  12th July 2011
UK:  25th July 2011

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