The Eagle film of The Eagle of the Ninth book resolves key mystery | Channing Tatum can act!

Over there in Scaremento USA someone likes The Eagle  film / dvd , and in particular its resolution of what they consider  a “key mystery” of “western civilisation”, which is not, as some might think,  the mystery of death of the ninth legion which so inspired Rosemary Sutcliff in her children’s and young adult historical novel The Eagle of the Ninth!

Anthony Dod Mantle‘s cinematography is kinetic when it needs to be, ruminative and pretty when it doesn’t. It looks good. In the history of Western civilization, few mysteries have sparked more debate than the one at the heart of The Eagle, Kevin Macdonald‘s somber film adaptation of the classic children’s novel by Rosemary Sutcliff. I’m not talking about the unexplained disappearance of the Ninth Spanish Legion of the Roman army, which hoofed into Britain in A.D. 117 and promptly vanished. It’s … Channing Tatum. Can he act, or not? I’m of the opinion that he can. Seriously, I’ve seen him do it.
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More about the film, movie The Eagle  and the book The Eagle of the Ninth on this blog here

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