Rosemary Sutcliff chuffed at Kindle e-books? | Giselle Greene thinks so

KindleI posted (see below) a few days ago about Rosemary Sutcliff‘s The Eagle of the Ninth being in the top five Kindle e-book sellers (at that point). I failed at first to notice that at Number 1 was Giselle Greene. She posted a comment, which led me to ask her what she thought  Rosemary might have made of Kindle. Giselle said:

I think the idea of Kindle wouldn’t have been so foreign to her – she was a Sagittarian, so working in the realms of imagination all the time …  and new possibilities for what might be always come first from what we can imagine. I loved her books and I loved her energy, which was very wise and also beautifully innocent at the same time. I think she’d be chuffed that a whole new generation of people are now accessing and enjoying her work and along with it all the values embedded therein.

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