Is Prime Minister David Cameron’s approach to Europe informed by reading Rosemary Sutcliff?

In my more fanciful moments I find myself wondering whether, in his dealings with Europe, David Cameron may have taken some inspiration from Carausius in Rosemary Sutcliff‘s historical novel The Silver Branch?  (Rosemary Sutcliff’s uncle Harold Lawton did live out his later years in Peasemore, the Berkshire village Cameron grew up in … but then we would all do well, politicians in particular, to remember that in all matters correlation is not cause ! )

“If I can make this one province strong—strong enough to stand alone when Rome goes down, then something may be saved from the darkness. If not, then Dubris light and Limanis light and Rutupiae light will go out. The lights will go out everywhere”. Carausius stepped back, dragging aside the hanging folds of the curtain, and stood framed in their darkness against the firelight and lamplight behind him, his head yet turned to the grey and silver of the starry night.

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