Rosemary Sutcliff’s signature aged 10 in The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs Molesworth

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One of the books in Rosemary Sutcliff‘s library is The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs Molesworth.

The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs MolesworthFirst printed in 1877, Rosemary’s edition is from 1926. She won it as a prize for ‘Composition and Recitation’ at her school – Brompton House in Gillingham. (Her father was in the navy, at Chatham docks).

Inscription in The Cuckoo Clock

Fascinating to see too, on the inside cover, is ten year old Rosemary’s elaborate signature!

Rosemary Sutcliff signature aged 10 in frontispiece of The Cuckoo Clock

The story begins:

Once upon a time in an old town, in an old street, there stood a very old house. Such a house as you could hardly find nowadays, however you searched, for it belonged to a gone-by time – a time now quite passed away.

The full story, with illustrations, is here.

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