Rosemary Sutcliff Diary | March 30th, 1988

“I am going to post Rosemary Sutcliff’s diary, daily, twenty years on from 1992, the year of her death”, I wrote here originally, but in fact it is from 1988! Much of it is prosaic, including a regular “Can’t remember what I did”! Every so often there are little gems about current writing or observations of her beloved garden. Local people come to visit. There are the comings and goings of her housekeeper-companions, and her driver: she was severely disabled and needed intensive support. (Happily and unusually she was a successful enough writer to finance these needs before ever any state benefits were available to her.)

Gave Tiffy notice  –  JW coming to provide moral support. He took it quite well. Admitted that he has a drink problem. He is going to be out of the cottage by Sunday.

© Anthony Lawton 2012

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