My cherry trees are just breaking … and Lady’s smock in the hedge (Diary, 8/4/88)

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April 8th Friday. Had a lovely run with Ray, on Dunton & along under the Downs via my cherry trees, which are just breaking, and home via Midhurst, the countryside suddenly veiled in green chifloss (?) , primroses &  celandine & Lady’s smock in the hedges. But at Dean, the storm wreckage as heartbreaking as ever.

© Anthony Lawton 2012

‘Had a lovely run’ refers to a drive out in the car – Rosemary did this most days, driven by whoever was being her driver-handyman-gardner at the time. That is why The Tifffy could not remain (earlier entries); she could not have a drunk driver. I am not sure of the transcription ‘chifloss’: not in the dictionary, what else might it be?

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  1. how about “candyfloss”? I’d need to see the original I think… but not a bad description of that green spun-sugar look of hedges just breaking into leaf.


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