Willow warbler singing where we had tea … (Rosemary Sutcliff Diary, 19/6/88)

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June 19th Sunday. Joan and I and the pups (went) for a run out beyond Amberley taking a picnic tea with us. It was lovely, very hot. Willow warbler singing where we had tea.


  1. Would that be Amberley? Where the chalk pits are, and not far from Bignor Roman Villa which I’ve always assumed is the Aquila home… it is a lovely area and a good road for a drive.


    1. Sharp-eyed as always, thank you. I have changed it. (Anyone who reads this after June 30th 2012, note that I originally posted ‘Amberleigh’). Amberley, I recall, was one of the places Rosemary did indeed drive to and through and past on her “runs” out, which are often referred to in her diary. For someone who was wheel-chair bounded for much of the day, and so eagle-eyed about the landscape and nature, and evocative in her descriptions of it in diary as in novels, being driven out into the country was an essential part of her life.


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