Self-published science fiction and fantasy writer Rabia Gale influenced as child by historical novelist Rosemary Sutcliff

Rabia Gale, who grew up in Pakistan, recently published Shattered:Broken Fairy Tales and spoke at Siri Paulson’s blog of “the three authors whose works influenced me the most as a child”. One was Rosemary Sutcliff; all were  British; perhaps, she mused, because her “biggest source of books was the subscription library run by the British Council”.

Sutcliff is best known for her historical fiction set in Roman Britain. Her protagonists are young soldiers who make heartbreaking decisions in the face of the tide of history, whether it is the inevitable conquest of Britain by the Romans or the subsequent  onslaught of the Anglo-Saxons. Sutcliff is a master at evoking the time and place of her stories. From her, I learned how powerful and poignant a small moment can be, whether it is a woman combing sparks out of her hair, a man crushing a singed moth between his fingers, or a deserter setting ablaze the fires of a lighthouse one last time as Rome abandons Britain.

Source: British Authors I Love | Siri Paulson’s Blog

Author: Anthony Lawton

Chair, Sussex Dolphin, family company which looks after the work of eminent children’s & historical fiction author Rosemary Sutcliff (1920-92). Formerly CEO, chair & trustee of various charity, cultural & educational enterprises in UK.

2 thoughts on “Self-published science fiction and fantasy writer Rabia Gale influenced as child by historical novelist Rosemary Sutcliff”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. :) I’m so glad that Rosemary Sutcliff’s work continues to get the attention it deserves.


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