Macmillan Children’s Books apologise in retrospect for mis-spelling Rosemary Sutcliff with an E

I have been on  Sutcliff (sic) spelling watch chasing people, especially publishers, who seem to think that Sutcliff is spelt with a terminal ‘e’ – as twitterer @perlineamvalli puts it. I must however have got out of bed particularly crabby today, hence a particular twitter exchange!

But if publishers use twitter as an alleged two-way ‘communications channel’ (not, I think, a phrase Rosemary would have troubled herself with), do you not think they should use it properly? And anyway ,do you not think that publishers of children’s books should know how to spell one of the greatest children’s book writers, albeit a dead one? And even more so if they have once published her material!

Mind you, it did take me the odd ten years to notice this one, and the book is now out of print; but it is in circulation. And anyway, Twitter, they say, is now…. Read from the bottom upwards to get the time sequence right…. and spot why I too might need Anna Wilson as a proofreader …

Twitter exchange with MacMillan Childrens Books

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