Discovery Flowering Dagger | A short-story by Rosemary Sutcliff discovered by someone appreciating her

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On exploring Google Book Search a while back, bloggers and Rosemary Sutcliff fans Sandra Garside-Neville and Sarah Cuthbertson posted that they had:

…  found a Rosemary Sutcliff short story that was new to me. It’s called Flowering Dagger and is in a collection called ‘Within the Hollow Hills: an anthology of new Celtic writing’, edited by John Matthews, published 2000 by Steiner Books. A few sample pages can be found here. It was originally published in ‘The Real Thing’, edited by Peggy Woodford, Bodley Head, 1977. Other contributors include: Robin Williamson, R.J. Stewart, Caitlin Matthews, David Spangler, Peter Vansittart, Henry Treece and Margaret Elphinstone, plus others.

via Rosemary Sutcliff: an appreciation: November 2006

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  1. I can’t help wondering if this haunting tale about a love which cannot be reflects Rosemsry Sutcliff’s own sad love story?


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