What to read after Warrior Scarlet and before The Eagle of the Ninth?

Clara has posted elsewhere on this site:

Thank you for this excellent website – I’m introducing Rosemary Sutcliff’s books to my children, having enjoyed them myself. We’ve done a project on The Ridgeway this winter, and so I’ve begun by reading aloud Warrior Scarlet, in the evenings. What comes next? Without getting too hung up on chronology, is there another pre-Roman book, before I begin on the eagles? Many thanks.

4 thoughts on “What to read after Warrior Scarlet and before The Eagle of the Ninth?

  1. While it is partly Roman, “Outcast” starts British and is not part of the “Eagle” series (as denoted by the emerald ring) – at least not as far as I remember.


  2. You could try “Sun Horse, Moon Horse”, which is set during the early Iron Age on the Sussex Downs where “Warrior Scarlet” is also set. It was inspired by the Uffington White Horse. There’s also the collection of three short stories called “Heather, Oak and Olive” which are set in Celtic Britain and ancient Greece as well as Roman Britain. Some of Sutcliff”s retellings of old legends make good reading too – “Beowulf: Dragon Slayer” and the stories of the Trojan War- “Black Ships Before Troy” and “The Wanderings of Odysseus”.


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