Illustrators of Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical fiction, re-tellings, and children’s stories books (up-dated) | 1950-95

Charles Keeping, Grendel from Beowulf

I am inching forwards in compiling a complete listing of all the illustrators of Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical novels for children and adults, and of her writing for children (and others). I think this is now  accurate  – but does not yet cover book covers – but would as always welcome comments and improvements to the updated list. I think it may now be complete? But I need to move on to editions outside the UK. All help welcome.

Illustrators  are:  Lazlo Acs, Victor Ambrus, Michael Charlton, Emma Chichester Clark, Richard Cuffari, Shirley Felts, C Walter Hodges, Jane Johnson, Charles Keeping, Richard Kennedy, John Lawrence, Richard Lebenson, Alan Lee, John Vernon Lord,  Alan Marks,  and Ralph Thompson. The books they illustrated were:

C Walter Hodges

The Chronicles of Robin Hood (1950)
The Queen Elizabeth Story
The Armourer’s House (1951)
Brother Dusty Feet (1952)
The Eagle of the Ninth (1954)
The Shield Ring (1956)

Richard Kennedy

Simon (1953)

Charles Keeping

The Silver Branch (1957)
Warrior Scarlet (1958)
The Lantern Bearers (1959)
Knight’s Fee (1960)
Beowulf: Dragonslayer (1961)
Dawn Wind (1961)
The Mark of the Horse Lord (1965)
Heroes and History (1965)
The Capricorn Bracelet (1973)
Blood Feud (1976)

Victor Ambrus

The Hound of Ulster (1963)
The Chief’s Daughter (1967)
A Circlet of Oak Leaves (1968)
The Truce of the Games (1971)
Tristan and Iseult (1971)
Heather Oak and Olive : Three Stories (1972)
The Changeling (1974)
Sun Horse, Moon Horse (1977)
Heather, Oak and Olive: Three Stories (contains The Chief’s Daughter by Rosemary Sutcliff) (1972)

Eagle’s Egg (1981)
A Little Dog Like You (1987)

John Vernon Lord

Sword at Sunset (1963)

John Lawrence

A Saxon Settler (1965)

Michael Charlton

The High Deeds of Finn MacCool (1967)

Richard Lebenson

The Witch’s Brat (1970)

Richard Cuffari

The Capricorn Bracelet (based on BBC scripts for a series on Roman Scotland) (1973)

Laszlo Acs

Shifting Sands (1977)

Shirley Felts

Sun Horse, Moon Horse (1977)
The Sword and the Circle: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (1979)
The Light Beyond the Forest: The Quest for the Holy Grail (1979)
The Road to Camlann: The Death of King Arthur (1981)

Alan Marks

The Roundabout Horse (1986)

Jane Johnson

Little Hound Found (1989)
A Little Dog Like You (1990)

Emma Chichester Clark

The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup (1993)

Alan Lee

Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad  (1993)
The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of Odysseus (1995)

Ralph Thompson

Chess-Dream in a Garden (1993)

Compiled with help from commenters below, followers at Twitter account @rsutcliff ,  readers of the Rosemary Sutcliff Facebook page, and a listing here.

(Revised: 17.20; June 25th, 2013; 07.26, June 26, 2013; 10.09 Feb 1st 2014)

3 thoughts on “Illustrators of Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical fiction, re-tellings, and children’s stories books (up-dated) | 1950-95

  1. Ambrus: Tristan and Iseult, Eagle’s egg, Circlet of oak leaves, Truce of the Games, Chief’s Daughter

    Sun Horse, Moon horse: Shirley Felts

    Chess-dream was actually illustrated by Ralph Thompson, but CW Hodges did do Armourer’s House & Brother Dusty-feet.

    Richard Kennedy: Simon


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