All Rosemary Sutcliff Titles: Original Publication Dates | Adult, young-adult and children’s fiction; children’s books; retellings; picture books

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Listed here is every title by Rosemary Sutcliff, the author and writer of historical fiction and children’s books. (Regular followers—and other visitors—you may like to check that this accords with your understanding. All comments about inaccuracies and additions are very welcome, below)

Eagle of the Ninth and similar

The Eagle of the Ninth (1954), illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
The Silver Branch (1957), illustrated by Charles Keeping
The Lantern Bearers (1959), illustrated by Charles Keeping
The Capricorn Bracelet  (1973), illustrated by Charles Keeping
Three Legions (1980), omnibus edition containing the first three books 
The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles (2010), omnibus edition containing the first three books
The Eagle of the Ninth Collection Boxed Set (2012), omnibus edition containing the first three books

Camelot or King Arthur novels

Sword at Sunset (1963)
The Sword and the Circle (1979), decorated by Shirley Felts
The Light Beyond the Forest (1979), decorated by Shirley Felts
The Road to Camlann (1981), decorated by Shirley Felts
The King Arthur Trilogy (1999), omnibus of The Sword and the Circle, The Light Beyond the Forest, The Road to Camlann

Other children’s and young adult novels

The Chronicles of Robin Hood (1950), illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
The Queen Elizabeth Story (1950), illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
The Armourer’s House (1951), illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
Brother Dusty-feet (1952), illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
Simon (1953), illustrated by Richard Kennedy
Outcast (1955), illustrated by Richard Kennedy
The Shield Ring (1956), illustrated by C. Walter Hodges
Warrior Scarlet (1957), illustrated by Charles Keeping
Lady in Waiting (1957)
Knight’s Fee (1960), illustrated by Charles Keeping
Bridge Builders (1960)
Dawn Wind (1961), illustrated by Charles Keeping
Beowulf (1961), illustrated by Charles Keeping (also published as Dragon Slayer)
The Hound of Ulster (1963), illustrated by Victor Ambrus
The Mark of the Horse Lord (1965), illustrated by Charles Keeping
The Flowers of Adonis (1965)
A Saxon Settler (1965)
The Chief’s Daughter (1967)
The High Deeds of Finn Mac Cool (1967), illustrated by Michael Charlton
A Circlet of Oak Leaves (1968)
The Witch’s Brat (1970)
Tristan and Iseult (1971)
The Truce of the Games (1971)
Heather, Oak, and Olive  (1972), omnibus with three titles The Chief”s DaughterA Circlet of Oak Leaves, and A Crown of Wild Olive (originally published as The Truce of the Games)
The Changeling (1974), illustrated by Victor Ambrus
We Lived in Drumfyvie (1975) ,with Margaret Lyford-Pike
Blood Feud (1976), illustrated by Charles Keeping
Sun Horse, Moon Horse (1977), decorated by Shirley Felts
Shifting Sands (1977)
Song for a Dark Queen (1978)
Frontier Wolf (1980)
Eagle’s Egg (1981)
Bonnie Dundee (1983)
Flame-Coloured Taffeta (1986), illustrated by Rachel Birkett
The Roundabout Horse (1986), illustrated by Alan Marks
A Little Dog Like You (1987), illustrated by Jane Johnson
The Best of Rosemary Sutcliff (1987), omnibus edition contains Warrior Scarlet, The Mark of the Horse Lord and Knight”s Fee
Little Hound Found (1989), illustrated by Jane Johnson
The Shining Company (1990)
The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup (1993), illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.
Black Ships Before Troy (1993), illustrated by Alan Lee
Chess-dream in the Garden (1993), illustrated by Ralph Thompson
The Wanderings of Odysseus (1995), illustrated by Alan Lee
Sword Song (1997)

Novels for adults

The Rider of the White Horse (1959)
Sword at Sunset (1963)
The Flowers of Adonis (1969)
Blood and Sand (1987)


Rudyard Kipling  – A Monograph (1960)
Heroes and History (1966), illustrated by Charles Keeping
Arthur Ransome, Rudyard Kipling and Walter De La Mare (1968) (with Leonard Clark and Hugh Shelley), reproduces Kipling (above)
Is Anyone There? (1978) (with Monica Dickens)
Blue Remembered Hills (1983), her autobiography, or a ‘memoir’ as she called it.


  1. There are several short stories published in anthologies missing from the list:

    1. “The Fugitives” in Miscellany One, edited by Edward Blishen, Oxford University Press, 1964. Illustrated by Charles Keeping.

    2. “The Man Who Died At Sea” in The House of the Nightmare and Other Eerie Tales, edited by Kathleen Lines, The Bodley Head, 1967. (non-fiction)

    3. “Swallows in the Spring” in Galaxy, edited by Gabrielle Maunder, OUP, 1970. Illustrated by Charles Keeping.

    4. “Flowering Dagger” in (1) The Real Thing, edited by Peggy Woodford, TBH, 1977. (2) Tales From the Hollow Hills: An Anthology of New Celtic Writing, edited by John Matthews, Floris Books, 1994.

    They’re overlooked because they were never published separately, but I believe they’re listed in’s bibliography, and in search results on They’re all fairly easy to obtain in used copies from Amazon.

    As a further note, Frontier Wolf, Sword at Sunset, Dawn Wind, Sword Song, and The Shield Ring are also distant sequels to The Eagle of the Ninth, though they’ve never been marketed as a series. The Capricorn Bracelet is not. The chronological order is:

    1. The Eagle of the Ninth
    2. The Silver Branch
    3. Frontier Wolf
    4. The Lantern Bearers
    5. Sword at Sunset
    6. Dawn Wind
    7. Sword Song
    8. The Shield Ring

    And finally, Lady in Waiting is a novel for adults.


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