ADVICE PLEASE from Rosemary Sutcliff fans, readers and experts on best of her books for inquiring 10 year old.

Someone asks on Twitter:

“Suggestions please: great fiction for 10-year-old with very inquiring mind. She’s finished Potter, loves Morpurgo, didn’t like Hunger Games”.

Someone replies to suggest. Rosemary Sutcliff.
SO……Which in particular?

Historical novelist and children’s book writer Rosemary Sutcliff books and book covers

12 thoughts on “ADVICE PLEASE from Rosemary Sutcliff fans, readers and experts on best of her books for inquiring 10 year old.

  1. I loved the Rosemary Sutcliff Eagle of the Ninth, and follow ups at this age. You could also look at Barbara Willard, if still in print – The Sprig of Broom and others in that series, and you could try the novels of Diana Wynne Jones – Cart and Cwidder , The Spellcoats, and others.


  2. I also think The Eagle of the Ninth, and The Mark of the Horse Lord would be good choices . Warrior Scarlet also has its compassionate heart which touched me as a youth.


  3. If she is a young 10-year-old Flame Coloured Taffeta or The Armourer’s House. Then the Eagle of the Ninth series.
    Though I am in my 90th year I reread her books with great enjoyment.


    • Thank you for responding and I am so glad you still get pleasure from her books, as she would have been.(I deduce you were more or less a contemprary of Romie – as I knew her!)


  4. I think a ten-year-old is a bit young for classic Sutcliff, especially one who does not like The Hunger Games. I know there are Sutcliff books written for younger people, that deal less with the class and status issues that are a part of many of Sutcliff’s best books. The Armourer’s House might work. Harry Potter books are mostly adventure novels with a strong sense that Harry will be ok, and will triumph. Knight’s Fee is very different.


  5. She sounds like a well developed reader. My first Rosemary Sutcliff was Eagle of the Ninth, followed closely by In the Armourer’s House and Outcast and Knight’s Fee – and then it was just a feast after that. Admittedly, my library had an excellent selection of juvenile history titles and my other reading included Geoffrey Trease, Henry Treece, RL Stevenson, Gillian Bradshaw, Dumas, Marryat and William Mayne among others so i was already steeped in the past – still am for that matter :). I would suggest any point is a good point to start, but Rider of the White Horse might appeal as it can be read at many levels of maturity.


  6. The Eagle of the Ninth cycle. The Shield Ring. Read it when I was about that age, and it’s still my favorite book. The Mark of the Horse Lord would also be a good pick.


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