STILL (Dec 28) Apologies to all. Over Xmas my blog account was hacked, and a good number of pornographic posts put up, and alerted to on Twitter. I have only just realised.

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I do apologise to many readers and followers, some of whom have contacted me. Your enthusiasm here is for Rosemary Sutcliff, not porn. But this account was hacked, and a very inappropriate post or ten put up while I was not looking over the last three days of the Christmas Holiday. I do hope I have now put a stop to it. I am sorry I had not caight this sooner.

If you still see such posts above this one, I have obviously failed to stop them and will keep trying.

Season’s Greetings

Anthony Lawton


  1. Hi Anthony. Sorry to hear about the hacking. I certainly feel that Mark of the Horse Lord is one of her finest (the qualities of honor shown by the main character are second to none), but I can hardly place it above so many other stellar accomplishments. I can only humbly offer my opinion that her main body of work qualifies as classic, as defined (in my view) by their worthiness of frequent re-reading.

    But all that aside, I came here, after a long absence, to share an experience which has added to the body of evidence to “seal her greatness,” in my mind: (to mitigate the risk of unjustly hurting the feelings of others, I will provide less detail) I recently viewed an historical series on BBC and was thereby inspired to read the books from which the series was drawn. While the delivery was sufficiently riveting, if only by comparison to Sutcliff’s lyrical and completely soul-nourishing style, I found the style of this author (of historical novels) somewhat droning and “nutritionally” mono-dimensional.

    I subsequently contemplated how much I had taken Rosemary’s work for granted, since first discovering “Warrior Scarlet” at my grade school library in a small Utah (USA) town of 2,000 people. In many of her books, one can often feel her literary kinship with my other lifetime favorite, Rudyard Kipling.


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