Country of Origin of Viewers of the Rosemary Sutcliff web-site in 2016 | Top 5—USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany

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For 2016 so far the countries that viewers of pages of this blog have come from are:

Countries of Origin of viewers of blog on writer Rosemary Sutcliff


  1. I can’t remember whether it was Outcast or Warrior Scarlet. I read them in quick succession and then I read every other one of her books that the Children’s Library section of the Main Library in Wilmington, Delaware had in its holdings.


  2. Hurrah for Canada! I would be very interested to read which of Rosemary’s books was first read by a respondent. My first two were Brother Dusty Feet and Beowulf. Brother Dusty Feet seemed, when I was ten, rather unexciting, but Beowulf captured me. Dawn Wind is still my favourite novel, and I am delighted to see it reissued, at least here in North America.


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