Song for A Dark Queen music by BBC Radio 2 folk musician of the year John Kirkpatrick

Song for a Dark Queen, the Rosemary Sutcliff award-winning historical novel about Boudicca (Boadicea) was dramatised as a play in 1984 at The Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme, adapted and directed by Nigel Bryant. British accordion and concertina player  BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year 2010, John Kirkpatrick  Read More »

Hollywood turns to The Eagle of the Ninth and ancient warriors and legends to win audiences

The Eagle of the Ninth film, based upon Rosemary Sutcliff’s book, resonates with Americans thinking about the place of their country in the world, according to The Telegraph newspaper and the CEO of the film’s financing company Focus Features. Read More »

The Eagle of the Ninth film better than Centurion?

Channing Tatum in The Eagle of the NinthThe Eagle of the Ninth film based on the Rosemary Sutcliff novel features in the The Guardian newspaper. The makers of Centurion will be not be amused  that Kevin Macdonald’s film will, Charlotte Higgins thinks, be ‘more thoughtful and decorous’; nor that the main photo of the full page article about both films is this still photo from The Eagle of the Ninth. Me? I am delighted, of course!  Read More »

The Eagle of the Ninth film of Rosemary Sutcliff book | Channing Tatum’ll never film in Scotland again!

After Eagle of the Ninth filming, Channing Tatum tells ITN  he’ll never film in Scotland again! But he also says the film  of the historical novel  is looking good …

Author Rosemary Sutcliff website has visitors from 50 countries

There have been over 700 new visitors to this site so far since early April, from – as of today – 5o countries. The last two visitors were from  Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. I have no idea how this compares with other sites about (dead) historical novelists and children’s authors, but it pleases me, and I hope it has been useful to ‘you’ and them!