… the soft ‘Growingrain’ will be good for the gardens … (Diary, 29/4/88)

April 29th Friday. Jeremy rang up last night and is coming to see us on Sunday. Very grey and dreary day such as we haven’t had in quite a while, but the soft “Growingrain” will be good for the gardens. Feeling very dozy all day and swimmingheaded. But have had a couple of good ideas for Catraeth, and got a bit of work done.

© Anthony Lawton 2012

(Revised 30/4/2012, replacing my ?Catharts with suggested-in-comments Catraeth)

4 thoughts on “… the soft ‘Growingrain’ will be good for the gardens … (Diary, 29/4/88)

  1. I was wondering if “Catharts” could be “Catraeth”? Was Rosemary Sutcliff working on “The Shining Company” at the time?


  2. I’ve noticed that Rosemary Sutcliff quite often comments about feeling headachey and/or muzzy-headed. Was this related to her medical ccndition, do you think, or a result of slaving away at her writing for lengthy periods?


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