Rosemary Sutcliff Influenced and Inspired: Karen Cushman

I am starting to collect references by writers to the influence Rosemary Sutcliff had on them, or at least to the fact that they read her. All references very welcome, please! Thus Karen Cushman read young adult historical novels by such authors as Rosemary Sutcliffe (sic; it should be Rosemary Sutcliff) and Patricia Mac-Lachlan, admiring their “simple and polished prose.” (Source: Publishers Weekly vol 24 (4 July) 1994). Her 1995 novel The Midwife’s Apprentice won the Newbery Medal for children’s literature

Historical novels website on Rosemary Sutcliff

The website lists ‘over 5,000 historical novels by time and place’. There are interesting articles about books related to particular periods in history as well as items on various authors including one on Rosemary Sutcliff by ‘Annis’.  (Links in the posting connect to entries about  Rosemary’s books on an American bookseller’s site.) Continue reading “Historical novels website on Rosemary Sutcliff”

Rosemary Sutcliff on BBC TV Jackanory

Brother Dusty-Feet: The Joyous Company (18 September 1967)

Brother Dusty-Feet: A Fine Gentleman (19 September 1967)

Brother Dusty-Feet: Argos Lets Lost (20 September 1967)

Brother Dusty-Feet: The Mist Rises (21 September 1967)

Brother Dusty-Feet: Parting of the Ways (22 September 1967)

The Armourer’s House: Part 1 – London Town (20 December 1971)

The Armourer’s House: Part 2 – Midsummer Magic (21 December 1971

The Armourer’s House: Part 3 – The New World (22 December 1971

The Armourer’s House: Part 4 – Hallowe’en (23 December 1971)

The Armourer’s House: Part 5 – Christmas (24 December 1971)

source: The Internet Movies Database

Film of Rosemary Sutcliff’s ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald has signed on to direct The Eagle of the Ninth, according to an announcement in Cannes 2008 by Focus Features. Macdonald won an Oscar for his documentary One Day in September and directed Forest Whitaker to his Academy Award for Best Actor in The Last King of Scotland. Scotland co-writer Jeremy Brock adapted the screenplay for Eagle from Rosemary’s novel , originally published in 1954, which is set in the second century in Roman-ruled Britain, telling the tale of a young Roman’s search for the truth about the disappearance of his father’s legion.  Macdonald is currently completing production on State of Play, starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. ‘Pre-production’ on The Eage of the Ninth is set to begin at the end of the year.

Scottish essay competition winner on The Eagle of the Ninth

Scottish schools essay competition 2004-2005 winning essays
The winning essay in a school’s essay competition in Scotland a couple of years back was about Rosemary Sutcliffe (sic) – Rosemary’s name spelt wrong but that happily on this occasion did not trouble the University judges!