Just wish my head wasn’t so ghastly (Diary, 3/4/88)

The most beautiful Easter morning, tho’ a bit more clouds as the day has gone on; and the garden drifted with daffodils. Easter phone call from Ant this morning, and every things fired up for H coming tomorrow. Just wish my head wasn’t so ghastly and I could enjoy things more.

© Anthony Lawton 2012

6 thoughts on “Just wish my head wasn’t so ghastly (Diary, 3/4/88)

    • I’m so glad. And thank you for saying so. I am wondering if the diaries are ‘interesting’ enough for others, although of course there are little gems of description, and curiosities like The Tiffy which has given rise to comment. I have not read ahead in detail. I am looking forward to occasional entries about the book she was writing (Sword Song). But meanwhile I too enjoy them as they are. Of course, I knew many of the people in addition to Rosemary, so it is bringing back many, happy, memories. (You may have worked out that I am the ‘Ant’ mentioned)


  1. Was this Rosemary’s last journal entry?

    BTW, I just realized a few days ago that this is the 20th anniversary of her passing. It’s totally coincidental that I decided to catch up on reading her books last year. Unfortunately, I’m only about half-way through the books. I just finished her last published book SWORD SONG yesterday. I wanted to read them all in order of publication, but my own Sutcliff books are all in storage and our London, ON library doesn’t have all of them. The hardest to get is THE ROBIN HOOD CHRONICLES. Will it ever be reprinted again? It and some others are definitely beyond my budget.

    I’d even welcome digital copies. What are the chances of getting reasonably priced copies?


    • The Chronicles are going to become available again shortly in English, I ann pleased to say. I cannot publicise the publisher for the moment but will in due course. Meanwhile you can get it (!) in Japanese – Hara Shobo, Dutch – Walters Noordhof and Swedish – Bonnier Carlsen.


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