Physicist science fiction fan recommends Rosemary Sutcliff books

Today, courtesy of a Google Alert,  I came across an old discussion thread, ‘Is there a war between Science Fiction and Historical Fiction’ , where a physicist who reads Rosemary Sutcliff recommends several of Rosemary’s books.  Although he did spell her name wrong – with an E, a regular moan of this blog, Stephen Harker wrote:

Rosemary Sutcliffe’s (sic)  Sword at Sunset and  Rider on the White Horse are well worth reading.  A lot of her historical fiction was pitched towards children and adolescents.  However, I have found them worth re-reading as an adult, for example:  The Eagle of the Ninth,  The  Silver Branch and  The Lantern Bearers which have some connection with  Sword at Sunset.

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