The Eagle (of the Ninth) film and book | Rosemary Sutcliff | Google Watch

Rosemary Sutcliff (not Sutcliffe) has been read ‘a lot’ in May with home-schooler Mama Crow.  In an article about the re-development of York museum The Yorkshire Post has been spelling Sutcliff wrongly, with an E, like others who should know better, but Marcus Flavius Acquila has put them right in the comments. Historical Tapestry has been listing a coming re-issue of three of Rosemary Sutcliff’s books , The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles, but got the spelling of her name wrong too. The Observer newspaper has recently recorded that it got it wrong, but the original review of a biography os Kaye Webb of Puffin books was interesting. Google knows that this blog has been suffering from the exigencies of the PONTIO project in North Wales. All over the web this week have been items about Focus Features ‘putting back’ the release of The Eagle of the Ninth (now called The Eagle) film to 2011, and this is variously a sign of weakness or strength depending on who you read and believe!

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