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Rosemary Sutcliff (1920-92), author of The Eagle of the Ninth book, now a film due in February 2011 to be called The Eagle, as well as a TV and radio series, wrote some sixty children’s books, historical novels, and stories. This blog reviews and covers all the books by Rosemary Sutcliff: every book for children, adults and young adults, and related TV, radio and films (movies) of the books.

Classic Rosemary Sutcliff books include The Eagle of the NinthThe Lantern Bearers, Sword at Sunset, and Song for a Dark Queen; fantasy retellings of myth and legend such as Beowulf, Black Ships Before Troy, and The Hound of Ulster; fairy-tales like The Roundabout Horse and The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup; and her autobiography Blue Remembered Hills. The blog covers all Rosemary Sutcliff’s classic children’s literature, young adult literature, and historical fiction, and all her other writing including two film scripts. Internationally acclaimed and widely-read, she won many book awards including The Carnegie Medal.  This site includes the story of her life and work, a summary of every book, a bibliography and lists of her titles, reviews, facts, news, opinion and personal recollection. Please comment on posts, or submit new material via the You! tab or via email (see You! page). This webiste is a labour of love, not a matter of commerce – Rosemary was my godmother and cousin.

2 thoughts on “Film, Books, TV, Radio | The Eagle (of the Ninth) | Rosemary Sutcliff

  1. Hello, Mr Anthony.

    I wanted to thank you again for your link over from my little site. I haven’t been able to explore much around here yet, but I hope to.

    I will need to read “Blue Remembered Hills.” I believe my library has it (my library does not have much), and I have managed to go this long with eleven or so Sutcliff books under my belt and not know much about the author. I did not know she had a godson and a cousin. I know you can’t really help being her godson and cousin, but that’s wonderful; and thank you for enlightening fans like myself.


  2. Thanks for your comment – I didn’t realise a film was in the offing but I will look out for it. I have just finished the The Silver Branch and am about to start The Lantern Bearers and think it is time I explored more of Rosemary’s novels.


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