Charlotte loves Rosemary Sutcliff’s The Queen Elizabeth Story | Sutcliff Review of the Week

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Charlotte thinks that  Rosemary Sutcliff’s children’s historical novel The Queen Elizabeth Story is  “a lovely book, full of thick description and vivid character and history made real. And its magic is aided and abetted by the wonderful drawings of C. Walter Hodges“, her  “favourite children’s book illustrator.” Charlotte was writing a review on the Charlotte’s Library blog.

What really made this book for me, when I was young, was Adam. He was my first book love ( I was nine), and I am awfully fond of him still. He is lame, but so gallant and kind that Perdita doesn’t notice it…and in a scene I especially love, he invites a sad and lonely Perdita to a private banquet at the manor, where he makes the lords and ladies of a tapestry come alive for her in a glorious magical wonderful-ness.

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