Rosemary Sutcliff reader and fan in Belarus | Sutcliff Google Watch

This blog and website for my godmother and cousin Rosemary Sutcliff (1920-1992), children’s writer and author for adults, historical novelist, original writer of the book The Eagle of the Ninth (and coming film or movie now called ‘The Eagle’) and more than fifty other books, has had a latest ‘new visitor’ from Belarus, the 105th country of origin according to the counter over in the right sidebar (at the bottom – scroll down). Here is the flag ….

Although I have had to rest a while from working on this while doing a paid job up in North Wales, we have now had 4,720 new ‘unique’ visitors to this Rosemary Sutcliff blog on WordPress since I started collecting the data at the beginning of April. I hope you all continue to find something useful, interesting or surprising, and thank you for visiting and – if you have – contributing. Maybe you could help publicise the Facebook page as well?

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